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Our Mission
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Professional integrity and honesty
     Aiming to serve the Nation
                Friendship and connectivity
                         Pleasure in learning and while at work


To maintain PAFP's position as a truly representative body of family physicians and as the premier organization providing opportunities to the family physicians both to excel as individuals and professionals, and to contribute to healthcare issues at the national as well as the international level.


The PAFP is committed to help its members provide quality healthcare of an international standard within their resources. It aims for excellence in primary care through continuing medical education training and research bringing benefit to the patients, the community, the country and the whole of the humanity. It strives to raise the status of the family physicians by helping them to make continuous and never ending improvement in their professional knowledge, attitude and practices.

Our Values

The PAFP values its members first as human beings and then as doctors realizing their needs, demands, desires, ambitions, capabilities and resources and trying to bring them in alignment.

The PAFP values the right of every individual to demand and receive quality health care of an international standard irrespective of his /her social, ethnic and spiritual background.

The PAFP values its ultimate objectives of elevating the status of family medicine through education and enlightenment.

The PAFP believes in providing the family physicians with a supportive and friendly environment to enhance their self esteem, challenging them to realize their full potential through the acquisition of understanding, knowledge, skills and values. The PAFP believes in promoting independent, creative and critical thoughts based on mutual respect and understanding.

The PAFP believes informing unity among its own ranks and in collaborating with other individuals and groups for promoting health.

The PAFP expects high integrity from its members, demanding them to set and maintain high standards of professionalism. The PAFP believes in providing a competitive environment, promoting individual brilliance, celebrating and rejoicing in achievements of all.

The PAFP values, honours and takes pride in its glorious past.

The PAFP looks to the future with a great zeal and zest, and a lot of optimism and hope.


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