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Brief Introduction:


PAFP is the biggest non political organization of the doctors who do general practice at their private clinics and hospitals. It comprises of thousands of members from all over the country and abroad. Its central office is located at 196-Atta Turk block New Garden Town Lahore while regional offices are located in various cities of Pakistan. These offices have a full local level cabinet and office bearers.



Aims and objectives:

  To train the busy general practitioners in order to upgrade their professional skills through regular lecture programs, seminars, workshops and conferences.

To uplift the status of general practice and the doctors by professional, social, and ethical training through social get to gathers and mutual learning.

To lend the hands of the government in disasters and outbreaks. For example PAFP was one of the very few organizations who reached first to help Earthquake victims and Flood affectees by supplying drugs, food and medical aid. During Dengue fever out break we trained hundreds of doctors to treat this deadly disease who treated thousands of patients and thus eased away the health care burden from the government.

To lend the hands of the government in various health programs like T.B DOTS, Family planning, Immunization and polio eradication programs etc.

  To help the families of the doctors during the period of personal emergencies and disasters by introducing a system of insurance at a large scale level.

  To arrange family get to gathers and social programs for its members in order to provide them a healthy environment and atmosphere for their families and children.

  Computer literacy program for its members and their children( A modern computer lab with DSL internet facility is being set up at the central office in Lahore)

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Founder of PAFP
Dr. Bashir A. Malik

Prof. Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad


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